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Welcome to Brain & Behavior Care

Together we build healthier minds and better lives


About Us

Brain & Behavior Care, founded by Dr. Cecilia Han, provides specialized care for individuals with acquired brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, and other neurological or medical conditions.  We are dedicated to helping individuals improve their cognitive and emotional functioning to enhance daily and interpersonal effectiveness and quality of life.  Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.  We offer a 15-min free consultation. 

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Our Services

At Brain & Behavior Care, we provide comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to help diagnose and treat a range of cognitive and emotional difficulties. Our assessments are tailored to each individual's needs and may include tests of memory, attention, language, thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Family/Caregiver Support

We offer family/caregiver education and training for individuals who experience stress while caring for their loved ones.  Treatment focuses on effective behavior management and communication.  We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for families to improve communication and build stronger relationships.

We offer psychotherapy to help individuals better understand and manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Treatment will integrate individual goals and values to enhance effectiveness.  We use evidence-based treatments to address a range of mental health concerns, including adjustment difficulties, anxiety, depression, stress and trauma. 

We provide SEAK-trained consulting neuropsychologist who performs assessments to identify cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes associated with the neurological/neuropsychiatric conditions. Neuropsychological evaluations can be provided within the context of Expert Witness, Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Worker’s Compensation and Disability Evaluations. 

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Our cognitive rehabilitation services are designed to help individuals with acquired brain injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other neurological conditions to adapt and improve their functioning and social relationships. Treatment approaches are evidence-based. A neuropsychological assessment is required to guide and  optimize treatment effectiveness. 


We offer teletherapy services to provide our clients with convenient and accessible mental health care. We are licensed in the state of Maryland and Virginia and can also work with individuals living in PSYPACT participating states.  We use secure video conferencing technology to conduct therapy sessions.

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